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Chapter 7

Two weeks later.

Reign's POV.

"Rei! We got a situation down town! Let's go!" I hear Kara says from the lab door.

I look up from my work, she's just standing there with her arms crossed and what I am assuming is supposed to be a smug grin.

"What?" I asks.

What could possibly be so entertaining to her. It is not like I am doing something that interests her. I am just working on the circuit board for the baby day care center downstairs.

The DEO surprisingly has a day care center which was a shocker for me but honestly I should not have been surprised.

Some agents are single parents and want their children, mostly infants and toddlers close, especially if said children are alien and they do not trust human day care centers.

At first I thought it was dangerous but the center is underground so if the DEO was to be attacked, the children would at least be relatively safe.

Since learning about this and Alexandra and Samantha choosing to have Riley there since they literally do not trust anyone not from our family to babysit her while we are all at work, Ruby the exception of school, I have personally looked into everything about it.

Honestly it is more efficient in every aspect than what we have here in the main areas of the building and I am both relieved and concerned for that fact.

Still I fear for my little miracles safety and had requested my lab and work area be close to the center as possible. That being just a floor above it.

She is there right now, and by the sounds of her heart beat, she is asleep.

I've been working on innovative projects and ideas for improving our security systems with Winslow and Lena.

Both are currently busy with their own jobs so I work on this by myself mostly during the day when not working on the alien health and safety project with Lena.

"Reign!" Kara screams in my ear.

Ow! Does she have to be so loud, Rao, I am right here, that was unnecessary.

"Sorry, what?" i ask, rubbing my ear she screamed in.

"Come on! We need to go, dummy." Kara says impatiently.

Of course yes. I heard the alert just before she came in. I take off my safety goggles and gloves, shrug off my lab coat and spin into my suit.

I really need to find a way to make it easier to store my suit other than under my clothes. Kara as well, she finds it uncomfortable as well and seems to get into a lot of situations where her clothes risk her suit being seen.

Maybe I can look for ideas from the Sanctuary Database.

"I don't understand why you wear all that safety stuff, it's not like anything in here can hurt you." Kara says to me as we walk out.

"It is just a precaution. Just because I am mostly indestructible does not mean I cannot be harmed. I am also just following protocol." I explain to her.

"Besides Alexandra says I look good in them." I add.

She did say that. Though she used the word 'cute' which I am not not. I am not something you associate with 'cute', there is nothing 'cute' about me.

Even worse she took a picture and sent it to Samantha, who now keeps it as my caller ID profile picture.

Or did she change it?

"Of course she would say that. Though she's not wrong, you do pull of 'science nerd' pretty well." Kara smirks at me.

"Keep talking and I will launch you into orbit, Little El." I say and nudge her.

As we zoom up to the main floor, I take a second to check in on Alexandra who is in her private lab.

"Hey, Little El and I have an emergency, I do not know how long it will take, so if I'm not back by lunch time you're going to have to make sure Samantha doesn't forget to eat...again." I say as I stand by the door.

Alexandra chuckles and nods, glancing at the monitor hanging on the wall, it's a nanny cam footage she had me install in the day care center so she can keep an eye on Riley while she works.

Our entire family is overprotective, even Samantha has one and I am positive everyone else has an alert somewhere on their devices.

"I will do so, don't worry, I was going to head over there anyway. I'll probably have to pick something up for Lena as well. Thanks for the heads up and please be careful." She says with a soft smile.

"We will. Don't work too hard." I say as I begin to walk away.

"Don't do anything stupid." She says back.

"No promises!" I yell back and I hear her laugh.

I meet Kara on the balcony, putting her comms in and giving me mine. I do not really like using them because despite their soft sound, they are still quite loud in my ears.

No matter though, they are necessary.

"Winn? You there?" Kara says into her comm.

"We are live, you ladies are good to go. Better hurry, those fires aren't going to put out themselves. Looks like it's spreading fast, there must be some gas leakage or if not that, oil spills, I can't really tell." Winslow's voice comes through.

Kara and I share a look and nod. We immediately take to the sky in the direction of said fires. I can spot the smoke and flames from here.

I hone in on my sight, x-ray vision and hearing. I hear multiple heart beats and a few whimpers and screams for help.

We have people trapped inside and the fire department are trying their best to pull them out but the fire is spreading too fast and is getting more dangerous.

If it continues to escalate at this rate they will all be trapped. We cannot let that happen.

"Okay we got multiple civilians trapped inside, you guys are going to have to use your freeze breath, and if that doesn't work you're going to have to be fast because that thing is coming down soon." Winslow says.

"Got any idea on how you wanna approach this one Little El?" I ask her.

Whenever we team up on these things I always ask her what she would do. I trust her judgment and she's been in this hero business more than I have and she generally seems to have better ideas in terms of well...being a hero.

"Well...i guess we're going to have to do both. You use your freeze breath and clear the way while I get the civilians out." Kara says.

That is a not a bad plan, I can see that working.

"Shouldn't Rei be the one to get the people out? She's faster." Winslow quips.

I chuckle when I see Kara roll her eyes. She is not a big fan of falling second to me when it comes to our powers.

Alexandra was right in saying Little El is sour at being 'dethroned' as the 'Champion of Earth'...which is a thing, apparently.

"She is faster yes, but she also has stronger lungs and won't blow out her powers if she over does it." Kara answers. a good point.

"Right, true. Okay, well I suggest started on the west wing of the building, their the ones the most trapped, the others might have a way out before you get to them." Winslow suggests.

"Got it. Let's go." Kara agrees.

We pick up speed and fly directly into the flaming building, using my x-ray vision, I find where the civilians are and immediately start putting out the fires.

I speed through the entire building, putting out the flames and stopping any debris from crushing anyone.

The building not stable but it can still stand so I refrain from damaging anything else when clearing a way for Kara to get the civilians out safely.

Ugh, there is just so much smoke even I am having trouble.

I take another scan of the building to make sure I did not miss anything. It looks clear but I will just go another round just in case.

"Agent Schott, Supergirl? is that everyone?" I ask.

"It looks like we got everyone out just fine, a few injured but they're all relatively okay." Kara answers.

"Yep, no strays being picked up on signal, nice work ladies." Winslow adds.

Okay good. Still, I do my round, checking every room thrice, every nook and cranny even the smallest of children or animals could be trapped in or hiding.

The damages are great but not that horrible I suppose. This will definitely take a little more to fix but it is repairable.

"Reign? What is the hold up, buddy? You good?" Kara asks through the comm.

"Yes, I am fine. I was just checking again." I say.

I walk out the building and up to the firemen and police officers tending to the victims.

My chest pulls a little at the sight of injured workers. Some with some heavy burns, others with broken bones.

Humans are so fragile. Almost anything can kill them, and sometimes it is because they cannot receive the necessary treatment and medical attention.

Hmm...perhaps I could talk to Lena about designing something for humans as well. Something that will help.

I know some diseases cannot be cured...not yet at least, some are inherently contracted others not, but diseases can be treated with medicines.

But...physical injuries and disabilities cannot. Some injuries are fatal and others break the spirit. I admire those that overcome those. Especially if it had stopped them from living or following previous dreams or goals.

A brief flash back from when I had broken Alexandra's leg passes my vision. The pain and fear on her face, that day, the frustration and shadowed appearance of days during her recovery through Samantha's eyes.

I wince. Not a day goes by when I do not fell guilty for that. Of course she has forgiven me but I do see the small specks of frustration and sadness in her eyes during training when her leg gives her problems.

The scar is still there. I see Samantha trace over it absent-mindedly, she does that to all of Alexandra's scars but I will always feel that sting for that particular one.


I am broke out my musings but Kara once again. I turn to her and she is looking at me with concern, that crinkle in her brow she's had since she was a child and the same that Alexandra has as well.

"Sorry, I was lost in my head." I tell her.

"Yeah I could tell when you didn't hear me call you that last three times. Is everything alright, you've been really out of it lately." She says.

"I know, I've just been getting used to some things and now with the new projects I've been working on, I've been spending a lot of time in my lab." I admit as we float up into sky and fly back towards the DEO.

"Yeah I know. Alex said you've been staying up late at home as well, busy working on them. Apparently Sam tried to hide your stuff once." Kara says.

I smile at this. She is correct. Samantha did try and hide my work from me one day. It did not work because when we bonded I had seen where she had hid them. Honestly, that was a bit of blonde moment for her.

I did get the message though. But it is only a matter of time before she tells me I can't bring work home with me.

"Yes she did. Needless to say that failed but I understood her frustration. I am still a little new to my independent life. I am not very good at being human." I say.

"Yep, I know that struggle. Earth is very different to Krypton. It took a while for me to adjust. Though you don't have to be human Reign, you're not." She tells me.

"Even your heart isn't human despite your emotions and how you feel. It is going to be overwhelming at times I'm sure you know, but that doesn't mean you need to change." She adds.

It is funny, how the roles have changed. Usually I am the one giving her life advice, telling her about the real world and what it is like.

Although I am her mentor, she is mine as well. I might have watched from Samantha's eyes but I have not had the human experience as Kara has.

Most of my knowledge is just what I know from observation and second hand experience from being within Samantha.

Actually living it is a whole different experience.

Kara is the only one who understands that. Samantha has an idea but she does not get it the way Kara does.

Samantha does not have to pretend to be human or pretend to know what human experiences are like because she grew up as a human, oblivious to her alien heritage.

Kara and I grew up knowing we are different. Knowing of a world we had once found, but those scars are still on our hearts.

Kara stops in mid air and turns to me, her expression soft and understanding.

"Hey, don't over think things. Just be who you are and don't worry too much about what's going on around you." She says.

"Also don't be afraid to feel. You're allowed to have emotions Reigny." She adds with a smirk.

Ugh, I genuinely despisethat nickname and she knows it. I do not mind the other nickname 'Rei' or even when they call me 'Rei Rei' but dear Rao 'Reigny' makes me want to pull off my own ears and throw them into a shredder.

She gigglings and then latches onto me, leaving a sloppy kiss on my cheek, bleh. I swear she is like a puppy.

"Okay, I am going to go see my wife. Remember what I said. I love you." She says and looks at me waiting.

She's not going to leave until I say it back, but I'm stubborn and just look at her with an annoyed expression on my face.

She just carries on smiling, blue eyes shining. Unfortunately, she's stubborn as well.

I sigh and roll my eyes.

"Yeah yeah I love you too." I grumble out.

She beams and claps her hands before hugging me again. I admit I do enjoy her enthusiastic affection, even if affection itself is still something the solider inside me tries to fight. Don't judge me.

She let's go and flies off into the direction of L-Corp yelling her departure as she goes. Some things never change.

I turn and continue my journey to the DEO. That is until I hear a distant explosion in the distance. I turn to it and see that something had gone wrong near the docks.

Looks like several oil tanks have gone up in flames and are leaking into the water near the fishing docks. That's not good.

I also know Kara heard it but I can handle this one.

"It is alright Little El I'll take this one by myself. You go spend time with your wife." I yell out to her.

"You sure, Rei?" I hear her say.

"Positive. I could use a distraction from my work for a little while." I tell her.

It will give me a chance to think about what she told me. I have been conflicted about something as of late and have not told anyone about it. Not even Samantha but something tells me she might know anyway.

"Okay, if you're sure. Be careful."

"I will."

Sam's POV.

"Alex, I am going to kill you, I am at work, literally anyone could come in, including your sister." I tell Alex but I'm probably not being convincing since my voice breaks into a moan somewhere in the middle of my sentence.

She is currently straddling my lap on the couch, kissing and licking on my neck. Our make out session might have gotten a little too heated.

"Hmm, I don't think so. She's probably making googly eyes at Lena and Riley right now, I saw her drop in just before I left Lena's office." she tells me.

Alex had come over at lunchtime as usual with Riley. Like always she passes by Lena's office and says hi, also giving Riley a chance to see her nerd Aunt, it does make them both happier.

Though this time, Lena has been having a particularly hard time today and well...she wanted to spend time with her baby niece and who am I to say no to that.

So Riley is currently with Lena in her office and apparently Kara is also there now.

God this so unprofessional but I honestly couldn't care less. I grab her by her ass and flip us over so I'm on top with her laying beneath.

She squeaks at the sudden switch and I have to chuckle a little at that. She hates when I tell her she makes cute sounds.

I smile down at her, God she's so beautiful. I lean down and she meets me half way. I'll never get tired of kissing her.

Everytime she does my heart goes into overdrive, like even if it's just a short and sweet kiss on the cheek my heart sings.

Reign teases me endlessly about it in the form of complaining because she obviously also feels the effects through our bond.

Alex moans into the kiss and trails her hands down my chest, pulling my shirt out my pants and laying them on my sides.

I shiver at the contact, her touch leaving hot embers everywhere, spreading through my being. I pull away from the kiss and start trailing down her jaw to her neck.

She let's out a breathy moan and I feel her heart beat pick up, her legs spreading more so I can slot in and be closer.

I feel her hands move higher and higher slowly, either because she wants to tease me or she's just too distracted. Probably both.


Oh my f*cking God! What the hell! Seriously! I hear Alex groan, also having heard someone land on the balcony.

Probably Reign since Kara is with Lena.

"Oh, my apologies, I did not mean to interrupt." I hear Reign say.

Of course I knew it was her, I could feel her presence the second she landed. I am both happy and frustrated. Though now I have more teasing material because I can feel her blush.

Wouldn't be the first time she's walked in on us.

Though that means she was too focused on something else to realize what was happening or else she would have felt the effects as usual.

I hop off Alex and we fix our appearance, turning to her. Alex is smirking despite her frustration. Reign is blushing furiously behind her mask. Adorable.

She is standing there is her super suit, though her cape in bunched in her hands. That's weird.

"Hey, Rei. You okay?" I ask.

She's avoiding eye contact. That can only mean one thing. What did she do?

"Reign..." I trail off sternly.

She shuffles nervously, clinging to the bunched cape in her hands--why is her cape in her hands!?

I hear a small sound come from it. Some sort of whine or yelp, very tiny sound. Reign pulls it closer to her chest and whispers to it. Shushing it gently.

"Hey Rei...whatcha got there?" Alex asks with a raised eyebrow.

What is going on, Reign what did you do? What was that small sound. Capes don't whine. They don't make adorable little noises!

Reign walks closer, biting her lip and she has a look in her eyes like a scared child. Now I'm scared. What the hell.

She then pouts, looking down at the bundle of cape in her hands. Then she begins to unwrap it. I didn't even know it was wrapped what the f*ck.

Then a small brown face pokes out from underneath, the same little whine I heard now much clearer.

Its a puppy.

A Boerboel by the looks of the small little bit wrinkly face and black snout. It is whimpering and I can see it shaking from here.

I let out a sigh of both relief and irritation. Seriously...a dog, here I was thinking it was some kind of weird alien thing that she always has a knack for finding.

I mean really, why is she nervous. It's a puppy for Christ's sake.

I feel Alex shaking with laughter next to me, probably thinking the same thing.

"Rei? What is this? Why do you have a dog wrapped in your cape?" I ask.

Reign takes off her mask and her eyes are big and frowning, pout still on her lips as she speaks, her hand placed gently on the shaking puppy's head.

I try not to completely swoon. It is always a sight to see Reign so gentle with things like this, especially when it comes to Riley, who she has warmed up to.

Has held her a few times since we all bathed her together but is still weird about it. The longest she's held Riley I think was about ten minutes before she was overwhelmed by her thoughts and immediately gave her back to me.


"I found him at the docks. There was an oil leak in the water and he was struggling in it, almost drowned, luckily I pulled him out in time." She says and I can tell she's about to start ranting.

"I looked everywhere for his owner but I don't think he has one by the looks of him physically and well...he is literally scared of everything but me." She says with so much sadness in her voice.

Also confusion which I'm guessing is because she is still processing that the little guy is not afraid of her.

Again I say... Adorable.

She sits down on the floor in front of us, gently placing the puppy and cape in her lap, the little guy whines when he sees us and let's out a small yelp, curling into her cape, hiding.

My heart swells at the adorable action but breaks at why he does it. He's scared.

Reign slowly moves the cape and gently picks him up, he whines and cries loudly until she brings him up to her chest, softly reassuring him.

He's no bigger than Riley, about the length of my forearm. The rest of his physical appearance breaks my heart more.

He is skinny, he's ribs very visible, he's trembling, tiny whines coming from him. His tail between his legs, his coat is rough and stubby rather than the smooth silky and shiny coat his breed is supposed to have.

He has a few sores on his little legs and he is damp and covered in black oil. He is just cowering against her and I can feel her own heart breaking.

"I-I didn't know what else to do, he's so scared, everyone I walked up to said he wasn't theirs and I wanted to take him to the vet or animal shelter but I don't know I just- I couldn't just..." She rants, trailing off softly.

'Abandon him' was what she was going to say. I could not only hear her say it but I felt it too. The look in her eyes says everything.

I look at Alex and she's watching the puppy with a sad frown on her face. The one where she's also thinking about something and if she's sad too it means it's not happy thoughts.

She must have sensed me looking because she turns to me, glancing at the pair with sad eyes. She's also got her scientist face on.

"What?" I ask her.

She bites her lip before she answers.

"It's just...he's a Boerboel right, you can see by his bone structure and face. Boerboels are known for their bravery and confidence, even as pups. It's a little concerning that he's so terrified." She says softly.

"One of the people I spoke to said he might have been abused and left for dead, probably the runt of the bunch." Reign says and her eyes tear up in anger and sadness.

"Probably. Boerboels are not very common in America. Their origins are South Africa if I remember correctly. One of the most powerful and loyal breed of dogs in the world." Alex says.

"You said you found him at the dock, if he was abandoned, whoever left him probably didn't want the weak one of the pack. It would explain why he's afraid of other people." She adds.

"They love people, in fact. Though they are known for getting aggressive towards other dogs, they are lovable animals, extremely loyal and protective." She finishes.

Why does she know so much about these dogs. I mean she did just say they are not local breeds and are from another freaking continent.

"How do you know so much about them?" I finally ask, Reign also just as curious but is more focused on calming down the little puppy.

Alex blushes and looks away sheepishly, almost embrassed. She clears her throat and avoids eye contact.

"uhm uh..." She clears her throat.

"When uh, when I was still with Maggie we uh, we were looking to adopt at some point and I uh did a lot of research on a lot of different dogs." She says awkwardly.


"That's it? Seriously?" I ask.

She gives me that look where she's annoyed and relieved. Seriously did she think I would be jealous or something, come on.

I like Maggie, she's awesome. Of course there are times I will be a little envious of her bond with Alex especially since they dated and she was Alex's gay awakening but honestly I don't really mind.

Besides Alex is mine now so...

"Anyway...yeah he's behavior is a little concerning. Also we should probably look into this. Animal cruelty is one of the crimes I think someone should be punished by death." She says completely serious.

Well...okay then. I mean same, though I will admit I had never really had a special connection to animals and pets.

I used to be allergic to cats and that kind of made me butt hurt as a child because I was always fascinated by animals too but life was like 'nope'. So I basically kept my distance.

I look to Reign because she's been silent, she's busy petting the poor, still trembling, pup in her arms who is a lot calmer but still whimpering and yelping softly on occasion.

She looks up at us with such innocence and hope. Oh God I know what comes next.

I should have seen this sooner, honestly. I remember Ruby giving me the same look every time we passed the pet store back in Metropolis.

She would always want to go inside to see the animals and I would suffer with my allergies but it was totally worth seeing the excited look on her face.

Though it would always come back to bite me when I had to shut her down when she asked if she could take one home.

There were so many times I almost gave in, but there were a few factors that made me say no. And my allergies were not one of them.

I would have gladly drowned myself in that allergy medication if it meant my gem could have a pet companion to grow up with.

That look Ruby always gave me is that same one Reign is giving us now, with the tiny bundle of whimpering mess clinging with weak limbs to her chest.

"Can we keep him?" she asks.

Her voice so small and hopeful, afraid for the answer but confident in her determination to convince us if the answer is no.

I look at Alex and she looks at me. I mean, do we even have a choice at this point. I swear if we say no, Reign will literally move out for real this time just so she can keep him.

That's an interesting thought that came out of nowhere and now caught me off guard because I just realised it wasn't my own. Reign, what the f*ck.

"I know it's sudden and out of nowhere and I know there's a lot we're trying to figure out and get used to especially with Riley and you know with the split but I think it would be good for all of us." Reign starts to rant.

Yep, saw that coming. Nervous rants run in the family.

"Ruby has always wanted a pet, but never got to have one, this will give her that experience she missed as a child and Riley will get to have that as well."

I wonder how long she's been thinking about this.

"I heard that having pets is good for children especially growing up with them, it would be great for Riley, I think."

Probably since she found him.

"Little El told me that when she first came to Earth, she had a cat named Streaky. Also a stray like her and she said he was the one to help her get the confidence in controlling her powers-"

Yeah that was a cute and inspirational story, definitely helped me when I was still weird about my powers.

"I guess it makes sense and well...i surprisingly don't have that same fear in holding him then when I do Riley... I mean I do obviously but...i suppose it's not as intense but I do feel a lot more confident in my control when I hold him-"

That's...that's good, confidence is good, progressive. Alex is literally shaking with silent laughter next to me and honestly, this adorable rant is to die for.

"-would be good for Riley too when she gets her powers. Growing up with a pet, learning how control her strength, trust herself with her powers and abilities, I don't want her to end up like me, afraid of what I am capable of-"

Okay! Whoa...maybe she thought of this a little too much, how did she get to that conclusion? That took a dark turn. This just went from cute to depressing.

I mean I knew Reign was having trouble with this whole thing of Riley being made as she was but I had no idea she feared Riley might end up being afraid of herself like she is.

I look at Alex and her eyes are wide with shock, apparently also having been caught off guard by that.

She's still ranting.


"-it would be beneficial to the whole family, and it will give this little guy a second chance-"


"-everyone in our family has been given that second chance. Besides El Mayarah, second chances is basically our family code-"


"-I mean look at him. He's terrified by everything, I can't even talk too loud or it will startle him. Look at those big brown eyes, it's like looking at myself fear is the opposite-"


Both my other half and the puppy yelp at the sound of my voice. The young pup whimpering and wiggling against Reign, trying to climb up over her shoulder but is took weak so just settles for hiding he's face in her neck.

Alex shakes her head and face palms with a sigh.

Right, probably shouldn't have been so loud...oops.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you." I apologize.

Reign relaxes and let's out a breath, still comforting the cowering fur ball. I turn to Alex, hoping she is okay with this.

She looks at me...then at Reign and then at the Puppy and then at me again. Then she sighs, running a hand through her hair.

She looks back at me, asking if I'm okay with this. Really, that's what I'm asking you.

We both turn to Reign who then holds up the Puppy in a way that we can see his face, despite his trembling form and whimpering.

Wow he's eyes are just so brown. He's tiny black snout is adorable and the little bit of black fur around his eyes reminds me of Reign when she wears her mask.

Reign gives us a hopeful smile, her eyes still shining, she's already attached to the little guy. I narrow my eyes at her.

"You already have a name for him, don't you." I say knowingly with a raised eyebrow and she smiles brightly.


"Of course..."

-To be continued.

Baby Riley - Chapter 7 - shanzsway07 (2024)


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