NBA 2K22 Trophy Guide • (2024)

Winning Every Difficulty Games in MyTEAM Mode by Using the Knicks Playbook

First you have to buy the Knicks Playbook (alternatively Magic Playbook does contain same play) from the Auction House if you don't have it already and set it in your active lineup options. For this play on higher difficulties you definitely need two great A+ graded three-point shooters (one as a substitute). If your player has three-point shot attribute 90+ it can go to about 99 if hitting 3s constantly, which make his green windows even larger and let him hit almost every slightly early/late shots.

At the start of the game change one of the offensive plays (Gameplan -> Offensive Settings -> Play Selection) toQUICK POINT 2. Then press NBA 2K22 Trophy Guide • (1)and select which player will shoot the ball. Ideally, change whatever play is assigned first on the list, as this will let you call a play by pressing only 2 buttons.

Once back in the game, give the ball to a player not assigned to the play (only PG, SG and SF can start the play) and then execute it by pressingNBA 2K22 Trophy Guide • (2)and NBA 2K22 Trophy Guide • (3). Place your player near the middle of the court (follow circle on the ground) and wait a moment until an assigned player free himself using the screens. When he is wide open, pass and shoot immediately. If defender catches a shooter, give the ball back to playmaker and call a play again. During 24 seconds shot clock you can try 2-3 times to perform QUICK POINT 2.

It is recommended to use a tall, good rebounder for your center. On higher difficulties, the AI can score a lot of second chance points - frequent rebounding minimizes time of possession for the opponent and encourages better control over the pace of the game. Additionally QUICK POINT 2 leaves your Center in good position for offensive rebound if you miss.

If you need to practice timing green with selected player, go to Freestyle under Single Player tab in MyTeam and put some 3s for few minutes.

For a video guide, see below:

Your primary player should be a fast high-level player and competent dunker with an infinite contract. The other two players have to be low-level gold players. Because Triple Threat Offline scales your opponents to a similar level, you will face one high-level player and two absolutely terrible players. This weakens the overall defense of the team and makes interior penetration easier. Further, renewing five contracts for low-level gold players only requires 40 MT, an amount you'll earn back from one game.

On offense, from half-court, simply run along the edge of the court and then curve baseline towards the basket for an easy dunk. If the one high-level player is guarding you, pressNBA 2K22 Trophy Guide • (4)to call for a screen and use screen in Pick'n'Roll.This will switch the high-level defender off of you, enabling easy dunks. It is advised not to shoot three-pointers, as long rebounds can be picked up by the other team and create potential fast-break opportunities for the high-level opponent, whereas short rebounds resulting from a rare blown dunk or missed layup (sometimes pesky defense will slow you down) force the opponent to run the full length of the floor, allowing you to set your defense again.

On defense, you can typically sag off the two low-level players and be prepared to grab the rebound - opponent centers will often shoot ill-advised three-pointers and mid-range shots.

The most efficient way for stable profit is elevating prices of specific cards. That means you have to search for a card (most likely low rated) that price is low, buy all available cheap and then send on auction for much more. Remember to control if other users send new cards much cheaper than you and keep buying them out. Before starting this process you need to acquire some MT Points by selling out your early collection (remember you still need 750 cards at once later) and playing game, while also grinding some tokens.

Other good method will require tens or hundreds of thousands MT Points and some knowledge about game meta. This is similar to stock market. Every time when new themed pack is released, auction house will be flooded with all of the themed cards. Their prices are dropping very quickly for first 3-4 hours. At some point they stabilize, because people stop opening packs that massively. This is were you and your knowledge come in. You have to evaluate usability of cards and buy dozens of cards that you think will be useful for other players. After 3 - 10 hours the price will stabilize much higher and start dropping again. This is the moment where you sell all the cards you've bought for a little MT Points lower than buyout prices available on auction house (you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible). E.g. tall Center with A+ rated three-point stats will surely earn you lots of MT Points.

After Heat Check has been released on Season 4 and Dynamic Ratings Set on Season 5 there is possibility to earn enough tokens without any grinding. You only need to play some games at start to earn MT Points and 30 cards to be able to use auction house. Then use the tips above to utilize auction house. When you stabilize your profit at good level start buying cards and lock them in My Collection.
There are currently 2 best priced card sets that you can lock to earn tokens. They award you 1500 tokens and it's more than 1440 you need.

Best Price per Token sets:

Heat Check

25 Tokens per team - 750 Tokens in total
Currently 400+/450 cards are 1000-1300MT. The rest is between 2000-5000MT.
About 600k or less MT Points to fill collection.

Dynamic Ratings

25 Tokens per team - 750 Tokens in total
Currently 400+/450 cards are 1000-1300MT. Most of the rest is between 2000-8000MT and few of them are between 10000-50000MT (GO cards).
About 700k MT Points to fill collection.

Other available sets:

'22 NBA Series 1

10 Tokens per team - 300 Tokens in total
Prices vary between 800-4000MTP
About 600k MT Points to fill collection.

MyTeam Base Set

10 Tokens per team - 300 Tokens in total
Prices vary between 800-6000MTP
About 700-800k MT Points to fill collection.

NBA 2K22 Trophy Guide  • (2024)


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