NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (2024)

NBA 2K23 features all the top-rated players and ranks them according to their deserving tier. Out of many Dunkers available in the game, sometimes it gets challenging to choose the player with the most ratings and skills.

Key Takeaways

  • NBA 2K23 has multiple high-rated players that players can use during their gaming sessions.
  • First on my list has to be Giannis Antetokounmpo (97), simply because of his impressive playstyle with amazing dunk shot skills.
  • Stephen Curry (96) comes amongst the best in NBA 2K23, carrying over 48 badges with a satisfactory gameplay style that makes him impeccable.
  • LeBron James (96) is very widely well-known in the community of NBA, whether it be the video game or the game itself.
  • Nikola Jokić (96) is favorable for Center players and is really good at making center jump shots and passing the ball, and he dominates in that field.
  • Kevin Durant (96) is awesome for those who want an all-rounder; heis optimal for most conditions in the game, and his height and skills put him amongst the best.
  • Joel Embiid (96) is perfectly rated for his dunking and three-point shot skills whilst also being aggressive on the field, making him a respectable choice.

Let’s have a look at the Comparison between the Highest Rated players in NBA 2K23:

Player NameOverall Rating Inside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending
Giannis Antetokounmpo97.
Breanna Stewart96.
Stephen Curry96.
LeBron James96.
Nikola Jokic96.
Joel Embiid96.
Kevin Durant96.
A’ja Wilson96.
Luka Dončić95.
Jonquel Jones94.
Devin Booker91.
DeMar DeRozan89.
Zach Lavine88.
LaMelo Ball87.
Zion Williamson87.

Highest Rated Players In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (1)

Giannis Antetokounmpo

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Giannis Antetokounmpo can undoubtedly be called THE Best player in NBA 2K23 for now. He has secured the highest ranking due to his impressive playstyle and unbelievable Dunk Shot skills. In the past few years, he has secured many rewards, such as Most Improved Player, All-Star MVP, NBA Title Holder, and Defensive Player of the Year. Keeping his performance and titles in view, he deserves to be ranked as one of the best players in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (2)

In the former NBA series, Antetokounmpo had an astonishing record of holding 57 badges under his name that represented his performance. He is a defensive beast and a mid-line bandit that exceptionally makes the team’s defense stronger and more reliable. Besides that, he is constantly improving his playstyle and defensive skills, making him an absolute beast.

Breanna Stewart

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

While discussing the best players in NBA 2K23, I cannot forget about the WNBA players. Breanna Stewart, the legendary player, can be called one of the best dunkers on the WNBA team. She is fairly young for her four-time All-Star award. Besides that, she has also secured the MVP title and the Two-time Champion trophy.

Stephen Curry

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Some players might be disappointed by the fact that Stephen Curry is not in the number one position in the game. He has performed great in the last season by breaking the All-Time Three Point record that led the Warriors to qualify for the championship after a long time.

  • The performance of Curry made his team come back to the competition again.
  • Although Curry is not at a point Rating in the game, he still has some impeccable skills that pack entertaining gameplay.

LeBron James

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

James is one of the most famously known players in the history of the NBA. He has his own playing style that distinguishes him from other Dunkers. James seems to be not in his full form recently, which made him rank a bit down in the list. However, fans are expecting to see his impeccable style with flawless pockets soon.

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (3)

The history of Lebron James in the NBA speaks of his capabilities. He has the second-highest scoring average, breaking his own 15 years record. For now, James has received an overall rating of 96 and secured his position in the top 5, but fans want to see him much higher on the list.

Nikola Jokić

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Nikola is known for his dominancy in the center, the position where he performs at his best! No doubt he has been awarded the Most Valuable Player two times. Considering his hybrid playstyle with ultimate tactics, the game has ranked him pretty decently according to his skills.

  • Jokić is pretty good at making jump shots from the center, passing the ball over the tall and bulky players and into the pocket.
  • His passing skills are also worth seeing the view. In the previous NBA game, Jokić secured the highest Pass IQ rating, which placed him above the Kings of passing.

Joel Embiid

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Joel is a big man that dominates the field with his fast movements and quick reflexes. Tackling Joel is not so easy as his size will not allow you to surpass him and go for the basket. He has secured several badges and earned a nice repetition due to his consistent and impressive performance in the past seasons.

Kevin Durant

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

If I talk about less talent and more skills, Kevin Durant has to be mentioned for sure. He is truly a skilled player who has put in years of training to become a prominent player in the NBA. His height gives him a fair advantage to show off his skills and surpass the deadly defenders of the rival team. Durant’s playstyle is really impressive to watch, especially during critical situations.

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (4)

Durant is ranked decently in NBA 2K23, according to his play style. He had a total of 47 badges in the previous game volume and is likely to have a similar or more number of badges this time. Given his physique, playstyle, and height, Durant is a great choice for building an unstoppable team.

A’ja Wilson

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

A’ja Wilson is a rising star in WNBA who is worth mentionable in the list. She has been awarded as WNBA MVP in the list 2020 and 2021. She is representative of the Las Vegas Aces and has played for the All-Star team with great success. Wilson has also been awarded an Olympic Gold Medal due to her exceptional talent and possesses various NCAA accolades.

Luka Dončić

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Luka is a young talent who is present on the top-tier leaderboard due to his amazing performance. Despite being just 23 years old, he is really dead when it comes to dodging the defenders and going for the basket. Last season, Dončić managed to secure a position in the Western Conference Finals for his Dallas Mavericks without any second major star. You can say that this team was pretty dependent on his aggressive scores.

Jonquel Jones

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

The game features only two players in the game that has an overall score of 94. One is no other than the Champion of the NBA: Kawhi Leonard, while the other one is MVP for the 21 WNBA: Jonquel Jones. Since Leonard hasn’t joined the seasons for a couple of seasons due to injury, which has dropped his rating a bit, I will discuss Jones here as more WNBA players deserve a spot in this ranking.

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Devin Booker

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Devin Booker and Kobe Bryant go hand-in-hand when it comes to strategic playstyle and decent game sense. Being a scoring-based Shooting Guard, Booker has earned his fame through his impeccable mid-range shooting skills. Although his passing and defending abilities are not top of the line, his long-shots can save your team sometimes to change the outcomes of the match.

DeMar DeRozan

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

DeRozan might not be the best performer in his known, but he is great at teamwork and synergy with other team players. His passing skills are pretty decent, which makes him a good defender and a mid-line player.

  • On NBA 2K23, DeRozan has secured an overall rating score of 89 with a Playmaking Shot Creator Build.
  • Although he has less number of titles under his name, having 25 badges is still above the line.
  • If you’re looking for a great team player that goes with coordination and teamwork, then DeRozan is a decent choice.

Zach Lavine

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

Zach Lavine is known for his fairly flashy and tactical playstyle. His fast movements and quick reflexes allow him to dodge the opponent’s defenders easily. One famous thing about Lavine is that he rarely misses a shot! So, if you’re looking for a reliable defender, he is a good option to go for.

  • Zach has pretty decent stats in NBA 2K23 with a versatile offensive Force Build.
  • He has secured 22 badges in total with some decent titles under his name.
  • He is the 13th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft for a reason! So, adding him to your team is not a bad choice.

LaMelo Ball

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

LaMelo Ball is known for hisup-tempo style and is also considered good in the half-court. He is a reliable defender who can effectively counter the aggressive strategies of rival teams.

  • The ball is truly a reliable player when it comes to anticipation, passing moves, and long shots.
  • Breaking offense and assisting the team with counterattacks is what Ball is good at.

Zion Williamson

OverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringAthleticismPlaymakingReboundingDefending

For the last entry of the best 2K23 players, I’ll mention Zion Williamson, who likes to dominate the game from both ends of the floor. His footwork is really impressive, especially when it is paired up with the high jump. Williamson has a well-coordinated movement for someone with his size.

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (5)
  • Although his offensive stats are not the best, his impressive movements and passing style make him a good player.
  • His dribbling moves, along with his interpersonal choice, make him rank at a decent place in NBA 2K23.

Highest-Rated WNBA Players

While covering the overall best NBA players, let’s get to know about the top WNBA players as well. For now, only five players in WNBA teams have a score above 100, which are:

Player NamePlays ForScore
A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces96 overall
Breanna StewartSeattle Storm95 overall
Jonquel JonesConnecticut Sun95 overall
Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury93 overall
Candace ParkerChicago Sky93 overall

Highest-Rated Rookies

NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (6)

If you’ve just started playing NBA 2K23 and have not reached advanced levels yet, then getting access to top-tier players is quite difficult as you’ll not have enough budget to afford them. So, let’s get to know about the best Rookies in NBA 2K23 that you can choose in the early games of your journey.

Player NamePlays ForScore
Paolo BancheroOrlando Magic78 overall
Chet HolmgrenOklahoma City Thunder77 overall
Jaden IveyDetroit Pistons77 overall
Keegan MurraySacramento Kings76 overall
Benedict MathurinWashington Wizards74 overall
Dyson DanielsNew Orleans Pelicans73 overall
Jeremy SochanSan Antonio Spurs73 overall
Jalen DurenDetroit Pistons73 overall
Ochai AgbajiUtah Jazz73 overall
AJ GriffinAtlanta Hawks73 overall

Wrapping Up

NBA 2K23 features tons of players. Some are extraordinary, while some have average performance. When it comes to creating a customized team or going for the desired club, you have to be really specific, as the number of players in your team is limited. So, make sure that you pick out the best among them and dominate the championship cups.

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NBA 2K23 Highest Rated Players [Top 15] (2024)


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